Margaret Roach descedents

Brennans in or from California

Margaret Roach descedents

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Margaret Roach, daughter of John Roach and Catherine Brennan, was born 21 Mar 1842 in Monmore, Carlow, Ireland. She was baptised at St Lazerian Catholic Church in Leighlinbridge on 17 Apr 1842.

The family led by widowed Catherine was in Beckwith, Lanark Co, Ontario for the 1851 census, then in Glenelg, Grey County, by the mid 1860s.

Some time before 1868 Margaret went to California, possibly with her cousin James (son of Patrick and Mary Ann), as he was working on the Teague farm in the 1860s.

Margaret married John F. Teague (born 1850 in Boston) and they had 7 children:
William L, born 1868, died Dec 1949
Alice C, born 1872, died 1904
John E, born 1874, died Jan 1939
James Joseph, born 1 July 1874-1879, died 23 Oct 1956
Isabella M., born and died Apr 1878
Ellen (Nellie) T, born 27 Jun 1879, died 26 Apr 1967
Walter Edward, born 9 Oct 1881, died 16 Jun 1956

John died Feb 1927 and Margaret died 16 Jun 1933.

William L. married an Agnes D.
Alice C. married a McAdam and had son Leslie Francis, born 9 Mar 1900
John E. married Mary Gonzales and had 4 children:
Irene Mae, born 28 May 1896, died 30 Nov 1952
Lucille E, born 1903, no further info
Bernice M, born 1905, died Jun 1929
John F, born 3 Sep 1913, no further info
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